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I love castles You?

Castles, beautiful and full of mystery, haunted or just story filled. Take some tours through some amazing castles right here by watching videos or find sites where you can get info on a real tour. I love castles, do you? Come on a journey and learn about the most popular and amazing castles on earth, Just some mind you, there are just too many to list every one. 

A NPR story was sent to me that I saved it to my Facebook it is what got me thinking again about castles, and their mystery. I have loved the mystery of castles since i was a kid. Haunted stories on TV and then real documentaries and then today i have enjoyed ghost hunters international because of all the castles they visit in Europe, as well the regular series on there trips to haunted castles. If not to just see them, and almost tour them, as the show is doing their thing. Below is the NPR story link.

When A Man's Home Really Is His Castle : NPR
From whimsical to threatening, mock medieval castles are scattered throughout the U.S. They are monuments to wealth, theatricality, eccentricity and the Gothic revival in architecture. But what inspires people to build them?

A few haunted American castles

The Preston Castle

Thornwood Castle

The Beardslee Castle

Muncaster Castle

Tour info

Muncaster Castle has acquired a reputation for being one of the most haunted houses in Britain, however this has only been since the 1990s, partly due to the investigations of Jason Braithwaite of Birmingham University into whether the alleged hauntings are down to environmental factors such as magnetic disturbances, and partly the drastic rebranding of the Muncaster Castle estates to tourists for more than merely its acclaimed gardens at the turn into the 21st Century in order to ensure it remained in Pennington hands (the financial situation was acute enough at one stage for them to admit in a BBC documentary that the estate was in danger of being sold as they could not afford much needed repairs to the roof).

Prior to the 21st Century, most ghost books that bothered to list Muncaster mentioned only two ghosts, that of Henry VI (who was sheltered at Muncaster after his defeat at the battle of Hexham) and the head carrying ghost of an apprentice carpenter who was decapitated whilst sleeping in the old stable block by jester Thomas Skelton (Tom The Fool) at the orders of Sir Ferdinand Pennington because of his love affair with his daughter Helwise.

However, visitors to the castle have long been informed by guides that as well as the above, the ghost of Skelton and the vengeful ghost in white of Mary Bragg - a foul-mouthed local girl who was murdered by being hanged from the Main Gate by drunken youths in the 19th Century after they'd kidnapped her for a joke: those responsible were never brought to justice. There were even tales that a lion shot by the last Lord Muncaster in Kenya, and whose skull is kept in the castle, was sometimes heard prowling (& gently growling) around at nightfall.

Guests may book a tour of the castle and an all-night vigil in a haunted bedroom known as the Tapestry Room, where guest reports of paranormal phenomena include: hearing footsteps, seeing the door open of its own accord, hearing a crying child (allegedly Margaret Susan Pennington, who died of screaming fits in the 19th Century) and/or a singing woman, having their digital cameras turn off and on inexplicably, feeling themselves patted, experiencing changes of room temperature, chest pains, and even being inexplicably tossed out of the bed.

Leap Castle, Ireland

Berry Pomeroy castle

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Tour info

Windsor Castle, in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire, is the largest inhabited castle in the world and, dating back to the time of William the Conqueror, is the oldest in continuous occupation. The castle's floor area is approximately 484,000 square feet (44,965 square metres).

Together with Buckingham Palace in London and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, it is one of the principal official residences of the British monarch. Queen Elizabeth II spends many weekends of the year at the castle, using it for both state and private entertaining. Her other two residences, Sandringham House and Balmoral Castle, are the Royal Family's private homes.

Most of the Kings and Queens of England, later Kings and Queens of Great Britain, and later still kings and queens of the Commonwealth realms, have had a direct influence on the construction and evolution of the castle, which has been their garrison fortress, home, official palace, and sometimes their prison. Chronologically the history of the castle can be traced through the reigns of the monarchs who have occupied it. When the country has been at peace, the castle has been expanded by the additions of large and grand apartments; when the country has been at war, the castle has been more heavily fortified. This pattern has continued to the present day.

info collected from wikki and investigated other places

Edinburgh Castle

Chillingham Castle

tour info

Its current owners market the castle as being the most haunted castle in Britain. . It has been investigated on television and radio (namely, Most Haunted, I'm Famous and Frightened!, Scariest Places On Earth, Holiday Showdown, Alan Robson's Nightowls) and now Ghost Hunters International.

The most famous ghost of the castle is the "blue (or radiant) boy", who according to the owners used to haunt the Pink Room in the castle. Guests supposedly reported seeing blue flashes and a blue "halo" of light above their beds after a loud wail. It is claimed that the hauntings ceased after renovation work revealed the bodies of a man and a young boy bricked inside a 10-foot-thick wall. The owners also claim that the ghosts of John Sage, a former torturer, and of Lady Mary Berkeley haunt the castle. Guests have reported hearing screams for help and doors slamming mysteriously.

info collected from wikki and investigated other places

Tutbury Castle

official site

Tutbury Castle is a largely ruinous medieval castle at Tutbury, Staffordshire in the ownership of the Duchy of Lancaster. It is a Grade I listed building. The castle is currently leased by Lesley Smith, famous for appearing on the TV show Most Haunted.

Tutbury Castle became the headquarters of Henry de Ferrers and was the centre of the wapentake of Appletree, which included Duffield Frith. With his wife Bertha, he endowed Tutbury Priory with two manors in about 1080. It would seem that Tutbury at that time was a dependency of the Norman abbey of St Pierre%u2011sur%u2011Dives.

The castle was destroyed by Prince Edward in 1264 after the rebellion of Robert de Ferrers, 6th Earl of Derby. In 1269, after a further rebellion the lands were given to Edmund Crouchback and have remained part of the Duchy of Lancaster.

Apart from the 12th century chapel the ruins date from the 14th and 15th centuries when the castle was rebuilt. Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned in the castle in the 16th century.

info collected from wikki and investigate

d other places
Glamis Castle

Tour info

The most famous legend connected with the castle is that of the Monster of Glamis, a hideously deformed child born to the family. In the story, the monster was kept in the castle all his life and his suite of rooms bricked up after his death. Another monster is supposed to have dwelt in Loch Calder near the castle.[citation needed]

An alternative version of the legend is that to every generation of the family a vampire child is born and is walled up in that room.[citation needed]

There is an old story that guests staying at Glamis once hung towels from the windows of every room in a bid to find the bricked-up suite of the monster. When they looked at it from outside, several windows were apparently towel-less.[citation needed]

The legend of the monster may have been inspired by the true story[citation needed] of the Ogilvies. Somewhere in the sixteen-foot thick walls is the famous room of skulls, where the Ogilvie family, who sought protection from their enemies the Lindsays, were walled up to die of starvation.

According to the official website for Glamis castle, in 1034, King Malcolm II was mortally wounded in a nearby battle and taken to a Royal Hunting Lodge, which sat at the site of the present Castle, where he died.

There is a small chapel within the castle with seating for 46 people. The story given to visitors by castle tour guides states that one seat in the chapel is always reserved for the "Grey Lady" (supposedly a ghost which inhabits the castle), thought to be Janet Douglas, Lady Glamis. According to the guides, the chapel is still used regularly for family functions, but regardless, no one is allowed to sit in that seat.

The late Sir David Bowes-Lyon, while taking a late stroll on the lawn after dinner, reportedly saw a girl gripping the bars of a castle window and staring distractedly into the night. He was about to speak to her when she abruptly disappeared, as if someone had torn her away from the window.[citation needed]

Earl Beardie was a guest in Glamis Castle. One night he was drunk and demanded to play cards. It was the sabbath, and his hosts refused. Lord Beardie was so furious that he claimed that he would play with the Devil himself. A stranger turned up at the castle and enquired if Lord Beardie wanted a partner to play cards with. They began to play in one of the rooms. Later, the servants heard yelling and curses coming from the room. One peeped through the keyhole, and the story goes that a blast of light through that keyhole blinded him. The stranger disappeared,taking the Earl's soul with him

Many[who?] have claimed to hear shouting and the sound of dice rolling. It is claimed that the Earl is still playing cards with the Devil

info collected from wikki and investigated other places

Halloween fun and news- so many links so much Halloween

I love Halloween, it is is my favorite time of year. i love spooky things, seeing kids in costumes, scary movies, decorating with haunted themes, haunted hayrides and houses. I have filled this lens with so many Halloween things, live ghost cams, costume ideas, party ideas, games, art, and more. Wow, this lens was so much fun to make, I hope you enjoy your stay. At the bottom of this page is a huge list of hayrides and haunted houses, as well events all around the USA, I hope you can find one near you.

UPDATED I just cant help it i keep adding more and more Halloween from information to lenses I have found to be Wonderful As we get closer I will ad more fun stuff I love Halloween do

click here for a ton of hallowenn fun and news links games, spooks and more

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