Monday, March 30, 2015

My husbands little toys Collecting

Are there any wives out there that have husbands like mine? Toys, collectibles, and other fan items all over the place. LOL, (not really all that bad) , but we do have some about the house. Here are some photos I took of his newest toys. They are “lightsaber” chop sticks, and a mug that looks like a camera lens.

His collection includes wind-up toys like the Kung Fu Panda, Star Wars and super hero action figures (100 or so from when he was a kid and can not give up), bobble heads, and this Close Encounters of the Third Kind flying saucer that lights and plays the melody from the movie. Oh, also, somewhat new are a couple of solar run tiny toy cars. LOL, this is a small portion of his collection of course. But, what do I do, I mean I love stuffed bears and animals so I guess I cannot complain. besides it is great we all have a bit of a kid in us. 
we actually collect androids together :)

I will say that some of the items he has, like the flying saucer, I could do without, especially when he makes it play the song just to drive me nuts, LOL. He has had that one item since we were married, and it still makes the sound but, the battery is almost dead so it sounds like it is dying, it had a very long run of 11 years, LOL. I love him very much and you actually rarely hear me complain I giggle much of the time when I see him with a new toy.


OK, remember my post about hubby's toys all about the house, and especially that one from Close Encounters that makes sounds from the movie, and how he always pushes the button to, I believe, drive me nuts (good for me it is, after several years, finally dying out lol). Well, OMG a new toy just arrived, a bobble head TARDIS from Doctor Who, and guess what, it makes the TARDIS noise from the show. This is a Comic-Con release of the TARDIS from the 4rth Doctor 1974 – 1981. 

Actually, like I said before, I really do not mind them. He is happy, and it is fun to watch him smile while playing with a toy for a bit, or trying to drive me crazy with it lol. 

OK, in the news though for Doctor Who fans who have not heard, it turns out that the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who in November will be the last one for Matt Smith. We will have a new Doctor coming for the next season starting with the Christmas episode. The 50th Anniversary Special will have past Doctors and some surprises, so I hear.

OK, so I expect being the 50Th Anniversary that even more toys will be coming to our mail box, ahhh! Oh well, it is great to be a kid at heart… no it is wonderful.

This video is one of the coolest I have seen, bits from Doctor Who projected onto the Customs House in Sydney. Amazing check it out at;feature=youtube_gdata_player

Find out a lot more about Doctor Who and the anniversary from Doctor Who or at the BBC.

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