Sunday, August 9, 2015

True Cinnamon Not Grocery Store Cinnamon

As I browse health sites and listen to the news about health it all gets so confusing. Do this, do that, use this, take that. Well, I am trying to break it down for my family, here is where it starts.

Cinnamon, we are hearing all the news about cinnamon and its health benefits. It is wonderful for cholesterol, and sugar, and more, but did you know cinnamon from the grocer is probably not that good for you, it contains a compound called coumarin, which is a toxin that will cause deterioration in the liver if you use it too much, like daily. But not all cinnamon is the same, what you want are products called "true cinnamon" or "Ceylon cinnamon". It costs more Ceylon cinnamon contains very little coumarin, and cinnamon's benefits are worth it. Just look for the best prices you can find, look for buys on it at Amazon and health food stores.

Garlic, well the health benefits of garlic are well documented, but the powder and salt you get for your spice rack give no health benefit. The pills give some, but the best is minced garlic. 

Coconut oil, vegetable oil spreads, and yogurts. If you want the most dietary benefit, use organic. The organic coconut oil they are discovering has more benefits everyday it seems, and the great thing about most coconut oils have no real flavor, so you can use them to cook just about anything. We use organic vegetable oil spread for butter and my husband likes the organic greek yogurt, I do not eat much of this, I eat regular yogurt, switching off between organic and Activia. I never was a huge fan of yogurt, but I can bare it when it has lots of fruit, and I find the days I eat it are the better days of feeling good.

Other things we have done to change our diet is adding whole wheat, we switched too wheat everything it seems, lol, bread, bagels, flour for cooking, and pasta. I recommend trying the pasta, I didn't want to after trying low carb pasta, which is horrible, well at least in my opinion it is horrible, lol. But after trying wheat pasta, I didn't mind that, and now after using only it I am so used to it I do not really recognize the difference.

Well, that is just a bit of what we are doing in our lives, have a great day all.

Just jotting down my thoughts by castleroy image is by me a pic I took of my hand and cinnamon sticks


  1. I'm very careful what Cinnamon I use. I use cinnamon more for its protection and magical attributes more so than for nutrition and health although I know that there are many health benefits. I wrote this back in 2014 about using cinnamon for protection.