Sunday, March 29, 2015

Back Yard Chickens

Our Neighbors Have Chickens 

It seems to have become a trend for average neighborhoods to have backyard chicken coops for eggs. Yup, not just farms any longer, but right next door to us in our suburban neighborhood. The people who moved in a little over a year ago now have chickens, and of course a rooster, that I can see through some of our fence holes strutting around the yard and patio. One morning I was worried as I heard the chickens making a really loud ruckus, thought maybe a neighbor’s cat was at them. I opened the slider, nope wasn't next door, but on the next street in back of us, where now another mess of chickens has taken up residents. OK, one seemed strange, but now we have more popping up. So this got us thinking about having chickens ourselves. Well, we are actually looking into it now, haven’t fully made the leap yet, but certainly thinking about it. 

Have any of you seen chickens taking up residence in your average neighborhood?

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