Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall and Halloween, New England style part 1

Wow, this post was so much fun to make, All kinds of things you can do this fall and halloween 

Hello everyone, I love this season so much as you have seen in earlier posts. here is part one of things to do in New England during in the fall and during halloween.and at the end of each post  I will post a few other fun things like apps and pinterest board full of halloween crafts decorating and more.

                             Foliage and leaf peeping

leaf peeping is a free wonderful way to spend a fall day. Leaf peeping means to looking at or to taking photos of the fall foliage. Well that is today's definition, it actual goes back a ways to even before I was a kid. I do recall my father, while trying to get to an event, using leaf peeper to describe a very slow car in front of him. If you are taking a drive to look at the foliage I do recommend instead of driving slow pull over for a better view, it will also insure some safety for you and other drivers. In my list below there are sites that will give the best views as well as walking tours, just pack a lunch and you are on your way! Even though I am from NH and now live in RI, and am used to seeing the beautiful foliage I still take the time to enjoy it because I love it so much.

The best time to book autumn trips? Well, that would be hard to say, for some locations it would be a year in advance, but off the beaten track you can find things on short notice. Booking hotels for festivals, and even leaf peeping, can be difficult, but some still have places available up to August. I wouldn't wait to long to plan a trip to New England in the fall though. Festivals, tours, leaf peeping, Halloween haunted walks, there is just so much to do, what I would do is perhaps leaf peep during the day and then a festival in the afternoon or evening. Pack a picnic, peeping and festival entry is normally free, food and souvenirs is what will cost money. Well like I said I posted some links below to help you enjoy leaf peeping to its best. Have fun, I know you will love it!

Wonderful articles Here

Your Leaf peeping info link center 

Vermont leaf peeping info
New Hampshire
New Hampshire leaf peeping info
leaf peeping info
leaf peeping info
leaf peeping info
Rhode Island
leaf peeping info
The foliage network
All info for leaf peepers
New England
Leaf peeing
yankees foliage tracker
foliage map and site
filled with foliage info

 Great Andriod Halloween Apps for fun, safety & more. 
So many of us have smart phones now I thought I would add a few games
and safety apps for halloween even a selfie flash screen camera app and ringtones I hope you find something you like. 

 at google play

 Tiny flashlight at google play

Bright LED google play

4 More Apps you might like
Ghost in photo

Urban Legends

Scary Ringtones
Selfie Flash for night photos 
This is the one iPhone took from android for its 6plus

Check out my everything fall and halloween Board at
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Autumn and Halloween
Autumn and Halloween
by Renderly Yours

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why do I love Autumn?

why do I love Autumn? The first reason for me is Love itself,  the end of September is our Wedding Anniversary kind of the start of the season, we just seem to spend more time together in the Fall, we cuddle more, enjoy movies together and more often, and there is so much laughter and home cooking.

My birthday is in the Autumn,  I have so many wonderful memories of my birthdays, friends, fun, cake, and more..

But most of all, I love the colors, the crisp fresh air, the almost rustic look or country cottage feel of my deck covered in needles and cones from all the tall pine trees, and with colored leaves from the oaks and maples. making a scar crow to sit on my front stoop, I enjoy autumn fairs that take you back in time and festivals hay rides and mazes too.

I love the Fall harvest fruits and vegetables, apple picking and resulting pies or warm apple crisp, pumpkins with faces their insides scooped out, roasting seeds, making pies, muffins, and pudding from them, leaving none of the giant gourd to waste.

The smells of the burning wood in fireplaces and of the pies in my oven, and of the soups on the stove, as well as of the scented candles filled with the odors of the season, treasures like pine, spice,pumpkin, apple or cinnamon.

Halloween, oh how I love the decorating, the spooks all around, and so many costumes, adults and children, sporting fantasy and fun. Children with treats in their bags running about door to door, showing off their favorite superheroes or characters from books or TV. haunted houses, and ghost tours then stories as well. Then the thrillers and chillers watching movies after the candy giving is done , getting some popcorn and snuggling close while ghosts and demons send chills causing gasps, and a great end to Halloween night.

Then we have Thanksgiving, the trees are almost empty of leaves, but the laughter and hugs of family and friends fill rooms, along with the smell of a turkey that has been cooking all day, as do the sounds of sports on TV, and the parade with the announcement that Santa is ready for his big day.

I don't know how anyone could dislike the fall season, oh, yes, it is chilly and soon it may snow, but just think of the icy ponds full of children and lovers skating about, and how pretty the snow really will be, and we can just think for a bit and realize just maybe the beautiful crystal like icicles glistening beautifully out the window that the glass is not half empty but half full and we can find beauty in so much .
Autumn Reflect and Rain images by me Lisa Roy Copyright.
What do you like about Autumn?

If you like Autumn or Halloween or both Pintrest is a great place to find links, ideas, do it it your self projects and more.

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I have created a collection of halloween and Autumn Items in my shop here if you would like to take a peek  I hope you have a wonderful season .

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Thank you (Some recent sales)

Some recent sales this week. squirrel pillow, cat window halloween phone case, fairy phone case, safari night light, fairy card set, and fairy postcards, thank you so much everyone hugs.
squirrels pillow
squirrels pillow by RenderlyYours
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