Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pet Photo's and memories

I was just looking at my scrapbooks and photos, I love taking photos of my pets. I wish we had Phone cameras and video back when I was growing up for more memories of the past my Family and pets. I am almost Jealous of how easy sharing and storing memories are today.
We love our pets, they give us love, care, warmth, and so many smiles, each having a unique personality just as we humans do. With computers and social networks we can share with family and friends both videos and photos. We can save them by putting them on disc for our TV's, making digital scrapbooking memories, or cards and funny photo stuff... and we can just print them out if we want. I wanted to share some ideas on how to take pet photos I am no expert far from it but I have researched and watched and have received advice from my husband who was a photographer for awhile just after collage.
Here are some Ideas for Photographing Pets - Top Things To Remember
1 Personality of the pet. What do you and your family think of and see most in your pet, for example are they sleepy, well then maybe photograph them in a favorite nap place, or if they like to play a certain game then photograph them when they are playing.
2 Close up. When pets are with humans they can seem small, make your photos about them close up shots, these are wonderful shots.
3 At the same level as your pet. Yup, even if you have too lay on the floor.
4 So often we complain our animals are being too playful for photos... well, actually, these can be great pictures just set your cam to fast shots, if it has the option, and take many photos. You should be able to find at least one that is perfect, if not many.
5 Make a day, or at least an hour or 2, of sitting out in the yard playing with and being attentive to the pet and not your garden or cooking food or kids. You will be surprised the great photo situations that can happen.
6 Posed shots? Try using a treat or a toy and holding it near camera. There is something to be said for stuffed toys and clowns with baby photos and pets are very much the same, holding treats and toys you can have the pet looking wherever you would like.
7 And the most important things for a pet owner is to have fresh batteries in your digital camera and have your camera in a handy spot at all times for those fun candid shots.
Here is a video I made of old and new photos taken these last 5 years or so, these are some of my favorites, our cats passed away a few years back I miss them so much but I am so grateful for memories we have saved.

Memories are fun, remember they are for both you and to share in the future
Here above in title is a picture about our sandy stealing a sock, which he has done since he was a pup. This is a huge memory and character trait of his, so when we took this photo we made copies and have done fun things with it. We know when we are old and grey we will still laugh with such fond memories of our Sandy. When you can, if you can capture the things you want to remember about your pet, you will be grateful, believe me. Do you do a lot of pet photography?
Just me jotting down my thoughts writings images and video are by me.

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