Monday, June 19, 2017

Gardening apps

10 best gardening apps for Android Via

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sharing my likes (recomendations) wildlife cams, reads, apps and more.

1- fav live cams

I have a few wildlife cams and videos I love to watch on the web one is the bears at the wildlife institute you can keep track of them on their Facebook page or blog they have studied bears in the wild they try and make sure they are not killed by hunters and they have some in a protective large fenced in area  a new bear recently brought to them from a forest fire where her mom perished but she was saved by a firefighter he wanted to keep her but couldn't ..

The Decorah eagles were the first live cam I really got into. I love the eagles each year I come back to watch the nest they have laid the eggs and soon have 3 babies each year this eagle couple has the best luck with three surviving babies 

over time I have watched other cams baby zoo animals and so on, I want people to understand many zoos are rescues for sick animals or babies that have no mother also they save animals from the wild that are endangered yes some zoos are terrible but many are great do your research we have mystic aquarium that has taken in birds from oil spills to clean up they have an injured and sick seal program and they when the seals are better they release them.. again do your research. this year I am watching April the giraffe. April is pregnant she is choosing to stay inside because it is cold and they have some of the biggest stalls for giraffes in America they are in danger of poaching all of a sudden in the wild.  the zoo in NY is more like a large farm and learning center for kids and adults. 

Explore. org I found when watching the great Dane assistance dog program watched the great Dane have her pups and now watching them grow up and train, they will become assistance balance dogs for troops and others with balance issues. but now I also watch bears in the wild coves with wales and so on. a wonderful wildlife site they also have joined in the Decorah eagles cam. 

Wildlife Research Institute - bears

Decorah Eagles

2 zen app games for android my top ten.

Beautiful and relaxing

Spirits- my long time favorite and fist game download.
Monument valley -both myself and my husband loved this and finished it in a couple day one weekend always wanting for new levels. 

Auralux- my husband liked this one 

Zen Koi -another of my husbands favorites to relax.

Some recent fun sites 
3- recent reads