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sugar free pumpkin chocolate cookies

This is the best tasting, easiest, sugar free cookie recipe we've had. 

1 can pumpkin
1 box sugar free yellow cake mix
1 bag sugar free chocolate chips
1 tbls coconut oil
teaspoon pumpkin spice (optional) 

Preheat oven to 350° and spray cookie sheet
Mix pumpkin and cake mix. and pumpkin spice
Spoon onto cookie sheet.
Bake for approximately 13 minutes, or until done.
Remove cookies and cool.
In microwave safe bowl heat the chocolate chips and oil for 1 minute.
Remove bowl and stir, if not fully melted repeat for 30 seconds

Dip cookies in chocolate and place on wax paper.
Cool in fridge about an hour to set chocolate.
No one will know they are sugar free!

you can drizzle on the chocolate in lines instead of dipping or decorate the way you like

befor refrigerated 

After hardened in frig you can just peel off  wax paper eat or serve 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall and Halloween, New England style part 2

 Autumn in New England is a celebration of beautiful leaves, wonderful festivals, Renaissance Faires, haunted tours, and so much more. I've lived my whole life in New England, growing up in NH and now live in RI. I would miss the Autumn season the most if I ever moved away, I would hope never too. This Post is all about New England in the fall, what there is to do, images to see, and places you can go for a wonderful season's adventure and fun.

huge fun Costs little Halloween or ghost hunting weekend vacation with kids

the kids are back in school so all you have is the weekend maybe vacation was small this year why not have vacation fun weekends near your home well here are some for a halloween or haunted weekend

a ghost walk you can either schedule a tour or find land marks in your area that are haunted on the net map it out and print making sure they are open to the public then bring digital cameras most now have recorders built in if you only have one you can get just the camera like the old throw aways but one time digitals pretty cheap at drug stores and take lots of photos record the silence use what you may have learned watching ghost hunt shows ask questions bring extra batteries in case of drainage from the spirits it can also be a history adventure read to the kids what you found on the net for information and maybe another thing the same day you could do a pumpkin carving art show buy some pumpkins maybe 2 per person and get some templates off line or a carving kit from the store set them up as an art show together and light for photos maybe make tshirt iron ons with each persons pumpkin photos dont through out the seeds the kids will enjoy making roasted pumpkin seeds

day 2 an event a pumpkin festival a haunted hey ride or haunted house or maybe a corn maze
also maybe during the day if you have the fall leaves practice your photo skills photos of fall foliage are wonderful to share with others and as keepsakes. or maybe scar crow making.

Rhode island one of the the first 13 colony's and has quite a history of hauntings as well known for vampires and home of ghost hunters from Syfy Channel where it all started. one of my favorite haunts is Edgar Allen Poe walking the streets in search of his love. I live in RI now and am always scoping out the new haunts and activities so yes I have much more for RI listed in this post. I have posted  other states  activities I have attended and links to find more.. 

Why RI

In 1524, Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano was the first European to visit any part of what is now Rhode Island. He came to what is now Block Island and named it "Luisa" after Louise of Savoy, Queen mother of France. When the founders of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations surveyed the land, they thought that Aquidneck Island was the place. A mistake occurred in 1690, when Luisa was charted by the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block, after whom Luisa was renamed by the Dutch West India Company; however, their motives in doing so are unknown The official explanation by the State of Rhode Island is that Adriaen Block named the area "Roodt Eylandt" meaning "red island" in reference to the red clay that lined the shore, and that the name was later anglicized when the region came under British rule. Wiki

I have a personal theory and have heard the theory before well it is that the original 13 colony's of The USA as well the areas with most native Americans are more likely to be be even more haunted. i do not just say this because of human life but rather human emotion human crime human passion sadness fear war and the longest history of death. There is also the recording theory's stones recording the past we have a lot of granite and other stone that are said to be able to record history the more violent, emotional and loud the better the recording, This is when you see a repetitive event that happens over and over again,Like a women walking past a certain tree several people seeing the same thing over the years (most often known as a residual haunting) this is more a scientific theory. well I am not sure why Rhode island has so many Hauntings and stories but it has been interesting finding out s al I can do.

Vampires in RI 
During the late 18th and 19th centuries the belief in vampires was widespread in parts of New England, particularly in Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut. There are many documented cases of families disinterring loved ones and removing their hearts in the belief that the deceased was a vampire who was responsible for sickness and death in the family, although the term "vampire" was never actually used to describe the deceased. The deadly disease tuberculosis, or "consumption" as it was known at the time, was believed to be caused by nightly visitations on the part of a dead family member who had died of consumption themselves. The most famous, and most recently recorded, case of suspected vampirism is that of nineteen-year-old Mercy Brown, who died in Exeter, Rhode Island in 1892. Her father, assisted by the family physician, removed her from her tomb two months after her death, cut out her heart and burned it to ashes.

Dolly Cole RI Witch legend 

This is actually a very very sad story myself would love if they let her rest in peace she was just a lady the legend says she haunts the cemetery her home was near by .

Foster - Dolly Cole's Grave Site - Dolly Cole, a suspected witch, lost her daughter to a house fire set by her neighbors thinking Dolly was in the house. She swore revenge on them all, and is seen wondering along the dirt road near her gravesite.

Haunted Newport

Providence ghost tours

Haunted houses

Haunted labyrinth

Haunted History Tour hope will return this year

Harrisville, RI is the setting of the  movie The Conjuring, 
Movie The Conjuring is based on the real life experiences of the Perron family in Harrisville, RI. Carolyn and Roger Perron bought a big old farmhouse in Harrisville which unbeknownst to them was haunted, VERY haunted. The movie chronicles the demonic possession of Carolyn and the assistance that well known paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren provided.
The movie doesn't just have all the supernatural action happen off screen, you do get to see many of the haunted events. But it is quite scary, there is a good mix of both the "you can't quite seem them" ghostly things and the right in front of you special effects.
It is well written and well acted, and feels very realistic. I definitely recommend it for anyone who likes ghost stories, haunted house stories, or horror movies. For me, the more factual the story the more I enjoy it, and this brought that.  you can find the trilogy of books written by the oldest daughter Andrea Perron on Amazon called "House of Darkness House of Light" .

Now we enter Massachusetts  and connecticut for some Renaissance fun

Carver, MA King Richards faire

 I Put together a Short video of past years we have gone to the Faire some mini videos of jonathan's favorite the joust and my favorite the candle maker you can tell the change in years because some images are taken back when we where first married with the fip phones and others are more recent .

Renaissance faires are a re-creation of a 16th century English marketplace at festival time. Actors, dancers, puppeteers, jugglers, minstrels, mimes, magicians and musicians perform each weekend for the favor of visitors to the fair. Even beggars and guards roam the streets. There is jousting knights on horseback, games, rides that are run by hand (no machines) created for the 16th century time period.

Last year when we went to King Richard's Renaissance Faire in Carver, MA. We arrived late in the day and were greeted by a neighboring "Queen" demanding to know why we where so late. The costumes and the surroundings make you feel you have gone back in time. Many of the people who go now wear costumes as well, and you can buy and rent costumes there if you would like to dress for the times. The next thing I saw was a woman selling beautiful flowered wreaths and then a man making the most wonderful candles shaped like dragons, wizards, fairies, and gnomes; and a puppet show for kids to watch. To eat you pay for tickets, but all the entertainment and shows are free. Well, I mean you pay to get in of course, but then all the shows are free. Just a lot of fun, a place full of magic, I love the faire.

Next is the The Connecticut Renaissance Faire. It is a bit cheaper in price because it isn't as well known, but just as packed full of the same entertainment, costumes, and fun. 

Youtube clips of both are below. Along with some photos I took at King Richard's Faire.

Salem’s premiere professional tour company provides daily themed walking tours. Daily tours include: Salem 101, Cemetary 101, TV & Movie Tours, 1692 Witchcraft Walk, and the original Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour. Combination tickets available.
find even more around Salem at this site called the Salem haunted happenings

New Hampshire 

NH Home of the pumpkin fest my home town of keene used to sponsor it until the college kids had that famous party riot during the festival. now after 24 years of the festival it will now reside in laconia and called the New Hampshire 25th annual Pumpkin fest you can read the article about the change Here
in past years you could see thousands of pumpkins lit at once lining the streets of keene and breaking world records we are hoping for another record this year as well but of course this year in laconia the foliage just as beautiful and lots of fun.. 

More Real New England Haunted Houses 

These are some true haunts in New England. Many of these sites will not let you visit as they are actual homes and private property, many are protected by security, many of them not even a ghost hunter has been allowed into. Please always respect the live residents wishes.

There are many more haunted locations around New england, I also made a ghost tours list below.
  • Wilmington VT

    The White House of Wilmington was built in 1915 as a private summer home for lumber baron Martin Brown, and it is reported that the house is haunted by his spirit. Both guests and staff have reported disembodied footsteps, unexplainable cold spots, doors that open by themselves, and even visible apparitions.

    In 1999, the inn began hosting a "Haunting" on Halloween weekend, complete with a ghost hunt and seance provided by Haunted Vermont, a local company specializing in historically based realistic ghost events. The Haunting of the White House includes a mini-discussion on spiritualism, afterlife theory, house history, and ghost-hunting techniques; then the "Ghost Hosts" take patrons around the inn to look for ghosts themselves. This is followed by a seance rich with special effects. The evening culminates with a real Victorian-era seance held in the inn's parlor.
  • Henniker NH

    She found the bludgeoned body of her husband, Captain Pedro, in the garden. Someone murdered him and Mary died in 1814. The apparition of a tall, red-haired woman with glowing green eyes has appeared in the upstairs window and on the central staircase. Some reported seeing Mary's apparition in the yard, throwing something down the well. Later, the house was renovated and the new owners moved in. Many occupants reported feeling Mary's presence. Her ghost was once seen helping family members repair a garage during a fierce storm, and several subsequent owners believe her presence protects the house from harm.
    Fitzwilliam, NH

    According to the Soul Seekers Paranormal Society: The museum of the Fitzwilliam Historical Society has many reports of possible paranormal activity including feelings of not being alone, strange sounds, voices, and photographs of ectoplasm.
    Dover, NH

    There have been strange scratching sounds in the attic, doors closing, elderly gentleman seen momentarily staring into the living room from outside the window or sitting in a wheelchair in an unused bedroom.
    Gilford, NH

    Reports of doors locking and unlocking by themselves, things disappearing, books being pulled off shelves, and plants being knocked over.
    Hampton, NH

    Haunted by an 11-year-old boy named Valentine Marston who was accidentally shot in 1890 while hunting. This harmless ghost is known to wear a sailor suit.
    Henniker, NH
  • You may be allowed to visit the house, please contact the Chamber of Commerce in Henniker, New Hampshire, for more information. The ghost of "Ocean-Born" Mary Wallace supposedly visits this house every Halloween in a horse drawn coach. Some say she's always there haunting it on a permanent basis.
  • Warwick RI - The Aldrich Mansion

    This mansion, which is now rented out for weddings, is haunted by one of the Aldrich family daughters who killed herself jumping from the balcony.
  • Coventry RI - Nathaniel Greene Homestead

    Phantoms, lots of noises, footsteps, door slams, cold spots, cannons, and screaming.
  • Newport RI

    The ghost of Cornelius Vanderbilt haunts her former home, now the Breakers mansion. The mansion was built in 1895 and was once owned by the Vanderbilts. Today, tourists and employees at the now museum believe her spirit never left.
  • North Kingstown RI

    The graveyard, called the Chadsey-Gardiner Cemetery, is very haunted. People have seen spirits walking through the graveyard at night and have seen lights flashing with no explanation.
  • RI, Central Falls Mansion nursing home has a little girl that haunts the place. Patients will be seen speaking to her in French, also you will hear noises and see shadows.
  • Wakefield RI - Brookside Manor

    According to the a former innkeeper, Brookside Manor has been haunted since 1965. Several workmen and artisans have been visited by the ghost of Charles Fletcher, the person responsible for turning the house into a grand manor from a simple farmhouse. Also, there are reports of pillows in particular that have disappeared and mysteriously reappeared.
  • Joshua Ward House
    Salem, Massachusetts

    Built on the foundation of the former sheriff that was responsible for hanging witches during the infamous Salem witch trials's house, many reports of hauntings in the house have been reported. The sheriff used an old English law that allowed him to crush a suspected witch with rocks to make him plead guilty or innocent. The man eventually died, but as he did so, he "cursed" the sheriff. The sheriff died 5 years later of unknown causes. Candles have mysteriously been taken out of their holders.
  • Daniel Burgess House
    Plymouth, Massachusetts

    This house, which sits across from a cemetery, is said to be located on the site of the first Massachusetts hanging. There have been various reports of a child wailing and singing erratically and without melody in the attic. Keys and wallets often turn up missing never to be found again. Throughout the house, there are said to be many hot spots in which the temperature is several degrees above normal.
  • Bloody Mary's Cabin
    Oakdale, Connecticut

    Long ago, a young girl named Mary committed suicide when the moon was full. Today, during a full moon, if one travels to the cabin, looks in the mirror and says "Bloody Mary" three times, Mary will return and wreak havoc on the cabin.
  • Wayland, Massachusetts

    In a story dating back to 1973, a very old house on 91 Old Sudbury Rd, Wayland MA, was reported to be haunted. The house was originally built in late 17th or early 18th century. The house's biggest claim to fame was that Lydia Maria Child lived out here final years there. (She was the poet who wrote "over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go"). Over the years other rooms and pieces were added to the house. The owners of the house reported that half of the house felt cold.
  • Simsbury, Connecticut

    The former owner of this house, a tobacco farmer, was killed by an employee while smoking a cigar. Today, he haunts the house; he moves objects, turns the shower on, and even swings in the children's swing set.
  • Harwinton, Connecticut

    If one takes a picture inside this cabin, objects that resemble lightning rods appear. No one has yet been able to explain why.
  • Eliza's Spirit
    Bangor, Maine

    During the 18th century, a witch named Eliza lived is this home. Since her death in 1831, every family that has resided in the house was haunted by her spirit. In 1945, the house burned. Eliza's spirit, however, continued to wreak havoc, often screeching during the night. Some brave souls have stayed at the site and have met Eliza.

Some more of the Best Ghost Tours of New England 

SPELLBOUND TOURS ranked in the top 10 for USA
Mollie Stewart, the owner of Spellbound Tours in Salem, Massachusetts, is a licensed Ghost Hunter with the International Ghost Hunters Society and a certified Parapsychologist. She has been conducting ghost tours since 1996, beginning in the most haunted city in America, New Orleans. She is the head of Paranormal Investigators of New England, a private company specializing in paranormal research and investigations. Ms. Stewart has been featured on Good Morning America, Showtime, the Travel Channel and has another upcoming segment on the Travel Channel this Fall, called "Haunted Salem".

Providence RI ghost tour
Ever felt like you were being watched? Had the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end while heading downstairs to that creepy old basement? Join us as we lead you by lantern light through the darkened streets of the historic East Side, sharing with you stories that will be sure to send a chill down your spine.

Ghost Tours of Newport offers two tours - - a lantern-led evening tour of Old Newport called the Old Town Ghost Walk, which is Newport's most popular walking tour. Also, an afternoon tour of the Common Burial Ground, Newport's oldest cemetery, which is held around Halloween. The professional guides lead you by lantern light through shadowy lanes and church burying grounds to discover who still haunts these historic locations!

A wonderful site for all ghost tours in New england

This, I think is new, I will look more into it. It caught my eye today :)
The Invisible P.A.S.T. of CT
The Invisible P.A.S.T. of Connecticut is the only ghost hunting tour group in Connecticut that schedules interactive events year round throughout the New England region. Our online evidence file is one of the best around compiled by our experiences. Invisible P.A.S.T. puts together séance dinners, haunted lodging packages and hosts all night 'Stay Awakes'. For 2010, we're currently booking locations in many of our haunted seaport towns. We're also very proud to hold some wildly active locations exclusive to our team. We encourage new relationships ~ Any gifted spirit sensitives such as Shaman, Mediums and Psychics that would like to be part of the Invisible P.A.S.T. schedule of events, please contact us. There are times our gifted friends have conflicting schedules or can't travel. This year we're also growing from New England to the Eastern South. Since our tours go hand-in-hand with building tourism, we also accept new authentically haunted locations for future consideration. The Invisible P.A.S.T. ~ Where Night-Time is the Ghost Time.
A couple Salem mass locations

I hope you enjoyed just a little of the autumn fun in New England you can visit part 1 f this new england style post leef peeping HERE

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Autumn and Halloween
Autumn and Halloween
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