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Beautiful Photo Christmas Cards

Christmas Photo Globe Greeting Card
Christmas Photo Globe Greeting Card by TDSwhite
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Mod Birch Christmas Trees Photo Card
Mod Birch Christmas Trees Photo Card by heartlocked
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Zazzle Disney and other media items

I love that Zazzle has shops created by movie company's the Disney shop is one of my favorites. I added a few other movie and media items below and links to the shops as well as the Disney shop like harry potter Doctor Who and comics.   

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Sisters Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament
Sisters Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament by disney
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Olaf Snowflakes Christmas Tree Ornament
Olaf Snowflakes Christmas Tree Ornament by disney
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Crack in Space and Time iPhone 5 Cover
Crack in Space and Time iPhone 5 Cover by LilBit_O_HarMony
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tenth doctor iPhone 5 cases
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas and Pet Safety

Christmas Pet Safety Tips

During the holidays our pets should get a little extra love and attention, but even more so than usual, safety is very important! I have created this lens in hopes to give some info to help keep your furry family members happy and safe this Holiday Season. If you are like me, then your pets are part of your family and you want their holidays to be just as wonderful and special. If you have any more ideas beyond what is here, please let me know. All I want is a happy and safe holiday for all!  

Trees and Decorations 

First off, the lights and decorations look like toys to both cats and dogs. You will want to supervise them when they are in the same room as the tree and close that room when you are asleep or not at home.

What can happen? Well, electrocution from the lights, so please cover the cords; and if using real candles they could pull them down and cause a fire.

In general, candles you have around the house should be put up high and in places cats cant climb up to get to them.

Also on the tree, tiny light covers can come off or glass balls can break and can cause bad injury or choking. Oh and some lights also have dangerous toxins.

Tinsel and ribbons can cause choking and cause problems in the intestines. Many pet owners each year rush cats to the vets to remove yards of these items as cats enjoy chewing ribbons and quite a few cats love playing with the tinsel, batting it around and flinging it with their teeth.

And be sure to anchor the tree so it will not fall over.


Pine needles and tree water can cause diarrhea, mouth soars, vomiting, sourness in the throat, and more. Also, if you put an aspirin in the water, as many people do, it can certainly cause even more issues. Never put aspirin in tree water if you have pets.

Mistletoe drops blood pressure & causes vomiting.

Holly & Poinsettias can make your pets very ill and in some cases will kill. Poinsettias have deadly toxins and are not good for humans or pets if eaten.

If giving plants as a gift to a person who has a pet I have Placed a link of dangerous plants to avoid at bottom of this article, Please be sure to check this list if giving a plant as a gift.


Dangerous food items include holiday favorites such as chocolate, coffee, onions, fatty foods, alcoholic beverages, things with small bones like turkey legs and wings, grapes and raisins.

Alert guests to the household pet rules so that everyone is aware they shouldn't feed them.

Also, too much food in general can make your pet ill, give them diarrhea or cause vomiting. And no sugar, I know they love it, and it probably won't kill them; a bit of ice cream or such items isn't good for them, but with all the excitement and perhaps your child gave him some, then your husband, then you, and don't forget aunt sue. It all ads up and can make your dog very very ill for days. The best gift for your pet is to have him feel well.

Keep wrapped gifts of food out from under the tree, set them on a table or in another room. If you have a gift from others please do the same. The wrapping paper and ribbon, then the candy or food inside the wrapped present can really hurt your pet. Oh and this includes their wrapped bones and such, lol.

Holiday mood 

Pets can get stressed easily a dog will show stress sometimes by heavy panting always have plenty of water around extra water around to prevent dehydration.

Have holiday treats and toys set for the giving during the holiday party or gathering to keep them busy and happy.
keep an eye on children and the pets so as they are not given food or get to excited around kids. when kids open toys put tiny toys away or up high as soon as possible so pets do not chew them up or choke on them.

During the days around the holidays and the holidays themselves pay extra attention to your pet keep there feeding schedule and potty schedule as normal as you possibly can.

Excitement and nervous makes for a sick pet in many cases causing diarrhea and vomiting for days.
loud noises poppers champaign balloons yelling and cheering please pay attention to your pet these things can really scar them and can cause vomiting diarrhea your pet to charge the tree hide all kinds of stress.

Make sure guests know rules for your pets. you maybe in some cases need to have other pet owners as guests or perhaps have a gated area near the activity's where your pet feels safe from guests and you feel good about your pets safety. but remember extra attention from you and new chew toys and water in this area is important.

Car trips some dogs tend to get car sick more stops to walk about the better a open window in the car do not feed dog before you go put the dog in the front seat might help. vets do have medication for dog car sickness. be sure to have plenty of water so the dog wont get dehydrated.

Pets as Gifts 

Pets as holiday gifts are not the best idea puppies and kittens need a lot of care training attention I do not recommend this for friends lovers even relatives and even your child unless you have all you need for the puppy or kitten most important being time & care.

pups and kittens need 3 meals a day at first need potty training and constant care until they are adult trained and ready to be home alone.many pets are brought to the humane society after the holidays that where given as gifts because the person doesn't have the time .

also adopting a dog from humane society is saving a life in some cases as well the person getting the special gift should be aloud to choose themselves often a connection is made right there at the human society a love connection between owner and pet.

be sure you can afford the pet food toys pet proofing the home and vet bills
researching breeds are very important.

Toxic and non toxic plants from The ASPCA site
and from  Humane Society dot org
also both sites can use contributions please give if you can.

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