Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Koldfront 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwasher

We have been downsizing as time goes on things break washer, dryer, dishwasher, over the years. I mean not that it hasn't been years wow time flies we have had these things for over 13 years. Reminder you can all see my washing machine video on youtube and we still have the small washer yes it is still working great. Now we have a table top dishwasher instead of the full size and we are loving that as well you can see video below. Going tiny is the thing with homes these days so why not start off with appliances it is only the 2 of us I mean yes a bigger family it might be hard but a single person or couple small is perfect. 
So this dishwasher is the Koldfront 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwasher and we love it, the only thing we do not put in it is our pots and pans we have ceramic pans and they clean up pretty easy anyway I highly recommend this dishwasher to a single person or couple, it cleans super great, and has several settings, easy to use and set up, normal noise for dishwasher, hasn't melted plastic, heats itself and has drying setting I hope you like the video.

you can get this dishwasher here

Monday, June 19, 2017

Gardening apps

10 best gardening apps for Android Via

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sharing my likes (recomendations) wildlife cams, reads, apps and more.

1- fav live cams

I have a few wildlife cams and videos I love to watch on the web one is the bears at the wildlife institute you can keep track of them on their Facebook page or blog they have studied bears in the wild they try and make sure they are not killed by hunters and they have some in a protective large fenced in area  a new bear recently brought to them from a forest fire where her mom perished but she was saved by a firefighter he wanted to keep her but couldn't ..

The Decorah eagles were the first live cam I really got into. I love the eagles each year I come back to watch the nest they have laid the eggs and soon have 3 babies each year this eagle couple has the best luck with three surviving babies 

over time I have watched other cams baby zoo animals and so on, I want people to understand many zoos are rescues for sick animals or babies that have no mother also they save animals from the wild that are endangered yes some zoos are terrible but many are great do your research we have mystic aquarium that has taken in birds from oil spills to clean up they have an injured and sick seal program and they when the seals are better they release them.. again do your research. this year I am watching April the giraffe. April is pregnant she is choosing to stay inside because it is cold and they have some of the biggest stalls for giraffes in America they are in danger of poaching all of a sudden in the wild.  the zoo in NY is more like a large farm and learning center for kids and adults. 

Explore. org I found when watching the great Dane assistance dog program watched the great Dane have her pups and now watching them grow up and train, they will become assistance balance dogs for troops and others with balance issues. but now I also watch bears in the wild coves with wales and so on. a wonderful wildlife site they also have joined in the Decorah eagles cam. 

Wildlife Research Institute - bears

Decorah Eagles

2 zen app games for android my top ten.

Beautiful and relaxing

Spirits- my long time favorite and fist game download.
Monument valley -both myself and my husband loved this and finished it in a couple day one weekend always wanting for new levels. 

Auralux- my husband liked this one 

Zen Koi -another of my husbands favorites to relax.

Some recent fun sites 
3- recent reads

Monday, June 6, 2016

My dogs take care of me sharing my thoughts

Last evening I had one of my leg cramps of my entire leg and Barnaby our Basset ran about again barking going to the bedroom where my husband was and then out side to neighbors and back to my husband again. He gets in alert mode. I got to thinking i have had 4 dogs in my life time Lady a border collie  we grew  up together then Tipper a coon hound mix she came to me a pup after my mom passed in 2000 then sandy our cocker spaniel  that y husband and I adopted together in 2004 -5 and last Barnaby our basset tipper passed away a year and a half ago. .

I got to thinking last night after the bad cramping .The reaction of each when I am sick sad or hurt is much different from the other that is probably common they are all different as we humans are. 

 Lets begin with Lady my border collie that I grew up with. When I was in danger she would put herself between me and it, she even jumped on a car because I had wandered in the road after a ball. When I was crying she would sit in front of me to hug my tears often soaked her fur and when I was sick she slept at my feet. when she was scared and shaking I would hold her she was my best friend and a wonderful dog.

Next we have Tipper she was just as important in my life she kept me going after my mom passed. Tipper had kidney issues that kept her needing my extra care and she was a pup in training and again another great friend. Tipper I would call the nurse if I was sick she would lay her head and chest on me if I had a wound she always wanted to lick it better and even licked and lay her chin on  my ear when it was infected.  Tipper lived to be 15 I never seen a dog live that long I was grateful she was my special girl I had to return the extra wonderful care and love not that I didn't daily but even more  her last year and a half with constant care until she passed away in my arms not in the vets office she so feared and hated.  she was a very wonderful friend and dog

Now my old soul my buddy Sandy our cocker spaniel.. sandy is the most emotional without showing it all the time he cares a lot he worries about us all when I am sick he gets sick with diarrhea often the next day, he will snuggle up with me pushing hard against me  to feel every movement he is such a good boy very quite yet very connected  when all is well he will often rub me as a cat would to let me know he is there and wants his back rubbed he is a gentle loving soul. he is still with us he is 10. 

Last is Barnaby our Basset hound he is our most recent addition and full of spunk he is now 4 almost 5 his reaction is to snuggle when I am sick and to bark like crazy if I am hurt. when he is not feeling well we all know because  he wraps himself around our feet or drags his blanket over to our feet and sleeps  and will not leave until he feels better. he is a bit crazy at times full of energy talkative and a lot of wonderful company for me.  and fun friend.


So there it is how different yet how the same with wonderful love and friendship each was and is in my life I thank them for being part of my family and life. I miss Tipper and Lady so much I think of them so often in happiness they gave me great memories I know I will see them again some day because all dogs I think really do go to heaven.