Sunday, February 1, 2015

A garden diary

I was just taking more photos of my tomatoes and peppers this year than ever and I thought I would write a bit here about garden diaries or even garden scrap-booking.
A garden diary is a lot of fun, a good way to keep building memories, and will help you with your garden next year.
You can create a garden diary on the computer using blogs, but I like to use a binder with notebook for keeping photos and pockets for seed packets and labels. You can add paper for your notes, you can make scrapbook pages with plant pictures or the family working in the garden, and use graph paper to plot out your garden.
Make sure you write what worked and what did not and ideas you have for next year, make some fun notes of wildlife that is attracted to your garden and even take some photos if you can of the birds, bugs, worms, and critters that stop by, If they where bad for the garden you might want to look up online what can help for next year. Print out the information you
get online and add it to your book.
Add wonderful Photos of flowers and vegetables, if you have pictures of your children or grandchildren digging in the soil, planting, watering, pictures of their hand next to the plant, measuring height, smelling the fresh flowers, etc.
If you have a vegetable garden maybe a picture the first salad or dish you made and first item off the plant.record the different birds your garden attracts and other critters.maybe Make a pages with a lists,
Like a list of flowers you can eat.
A list of flowers that are dangerous to pets.
A page with your child about state flowers, etc.
The photo is one of my scrapbook pages of my roses.
the ideas seem to be endless.
do you record memories of gardening?

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