Friday, August 15, 2014

Update Update Update

 Hi everyone I have been updating links but not blog posts lately sory about that here are a few things I hope you will check out 1) the new stuff addd in the blog side pannel 2) listed below is a link to my stores updates Maybe if you have time you could take a peek around my shops. recent photos below are just some being added to shops. working on it :).
Lets see 3) I am also hopin to creat some new tutorial videos for photoshop and some fun videos on favorite and fun apps I will keep you posted. I am also just really enjoying photography on most part taking pictures of nature and birds animals the ocean flowers and more.well I try update more often have a wonderful weekend.

          Recent photos


Do you like all kinds of art like street art sand art or carved pumpins even ?
just so many art ideas and creativity well I collect the most amzing art 
sites I find on the web. I save them at tumbler Here

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